This time we sat down to talk to Mikael Orkomies, the creator of Ronimisministeerium and the man behind the first modern bouldering gym in Estonia and by now several more ones, including sport climbing hall in Tartu opening in Q4 2023, and the T1 bouldering gym, where we were filming this episode. Mikael also funded and assisted with the construction of another bouldering gym in Tartu. In other words, that's a lot of gyms!

There are plenty of interesting things to talk to Mikael about, but this time we discussed the history of Ronmin from the first gym in Fahle to the latest one in T1, which opened just weeks before our talk. Also about Mikaels personal motivation for building new gyms and being involved in the local climbing scene, about challenges and the process of building new walls.

If this video got you hyped to do some climbing, go and check out the T1 or Hipodroom Ronimisministeerium gyms.

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If you are now wondering how does a construction of a bouldering wall look like after hearing the talk, here are some photos of the latest T1 Ronimisministeerium in the making: