Estonian climbing association

Our first podcast's guest is Kristiina Toots, a very active and motivated member of the Estonian climbing community and as of this year also an elected president of Estonian Climbing Association (Ronimisliit).

In this episode she explains in great detail what Ronimisliit is, what it does (spoiler: they do way more than you think or have heard about), what is its history, significance and what is her vision about this organization's future.

As well, we talked more generally about how those sport associations and clubs work in Estonia and around the world, how they get funding and so on... It was mentioned several times during this podcast that if you have any questions about Ronimisliit or have any suggestions, you should just contact Kristiina.

So here are the social media accounts/contacts: Facebook, Instagram

Ronimisliit has also just launched a newsletter, which you can subscribe to.

And you can follow Kristiina Toots on instagram to see her personal climbing adventures