This time we visited KIVI Boulder Fest 2023 and had a chance to talk to three guest routesetters for this competition:

Steve Bouzas (USA) - CEO of 360Holds, and an experienced routesetter involved in various international events and competitions. He has, for example, set one pitch on this year's Red Bull Dual Ascent competition on Verzasca Dam. Olli Antikainen and Aleksi Mikkola (Finland), both routesetters at Kiipeilykeskus in Helsinki and both have already been doing routes for previous Kivi competitions. Both have a lot of experience, up to setting routes at IFSC European cup.

In this episode we talked about how to learn routesetting, how to improve your skills, about various holds, about how they plan and adjust routes for a competition, how to grade routes and about other events they participated in.

And some pictures from the competitions: