What kind of climbing can you do in Estonia?

Any kind really. There are higher climbing walls, where you can do sport or top rope climbing, there are bouldering gyms, there are natural boulders and you can even do ice climbing and drytooling. And when we say any kind of climbing, we actually mean it, as there is now a brand new shiny speed climbing wall in Rakvere.

How can I start climbing with 0 experience?

Find the closest climbing gym and visit their website. The gyms usually have all sorts of courses for people with any experience, and it is always possible to get an instructor for your first session.

For example if you go bouldering, you do not really need anything to start climbing. You can rent climbing shoes and chalk at any gym and if you want you can get an instructor to show you around for an hour or two.

Are there many natural boulders in Estonia?

Yes, there are plenty of natural boulders with pretty much any grades of routes you might wish for. The best way to get an overview of natural boulders is to visit 27crags.com

Make sure to open “filters” settings and enable “free topos”. Now you will be able to see the locations of boulders on the map and you can browse free topos and descriptions.

What about ice climbing and dry tooling?

You can do ice climbing in winter after the weather stays cold enough for a few weeks. There are three main ice climbing locations: Tabasalu, Türisalu and Toila. If you have never ice climbed before you might want to grab someone experienced with you, the walls are tricky to find and at least one of the walls requires a long rappel.

You can also do dry tooling at any time of the year in Aastangu. In there you can in theory as well train placing trad gear, but the wall is not too stable, so it is strongly advised to make a top rope backup in this case. Fortunately top rope is easy to set up there, with some routes even having bolts.

Where can I get more information about local climbing?

Join Estonian Climbing Community group on facebook.

It is a group where all the updates about events, new walls, trips and so on are posted. You can go there, ask questions, find climbing partners, sell and buy gear and anything else connected to climbing really.

Where can I buy and rent climbing gear?

Usually climbing gyms have shoes, harnesses and chalk to rent. Some gyms, like Ronimisministeerium, rent out crash pads for outside bouldering. There is also Elamus Pluss, who rent all sorts of alpine gear.

Visit their websites and see if they got what you need. If not, and you need something more specific, you can always ask in the facebook group.

How can I start with mountaineering?

We have many clubs and organisations, which do more of a mountaineering side of climbing. The biggest ones are

As well, Elamus Pluss organises all sorts of mountaineering - hiking trips and all sorts of mountaineering themed courses, like ice climbing courses in winter.